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Remote (Wiimote) loses sync after every reboot

Posted by brownieman 
Remote (Wiimote) loses sync after every reboot
April 06, 2012 01:38PM
Hi guys,

I hope this is the right spot to post.
My Wii (running HBC) loses sync of the remotes after every reboot, it 'forgets' about the remotes (expect for the first one). At first, I thought this was just crappy Nintendo, but recently I talked to someone else owning a Wii that this is not normal.

Has anyone seen this? It's pretty annoying having to resync 4 controllers every time I want to play Mario Cart :)
Re: Remote (Wiimote) loses sync after every reboot
April 06, 2012 03:49PM
Are you syncing with the red buttons, or using the menu that appears when you hit home using the first remote which prompts you to press 1+2 on the additional remotes? If the later, use the first method, with the red buttons.

(The method with 1+2 buttons is meant to be one time only, so that if, for example, you go to a friends house and take a remote, you can connect it to their wii without permanently syncing it. This way when you go back home, your remote is still synced to your own wii, so you won't need to reconnect.)
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