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Has anyone made a IE Browser for homebrew??As in like the internet channel for the wii to surf the internet....

Posted by chrono36 
I was flippin through the browser lookin at apps etc..

And I was astonished that no one has created a Internet Browser for Homebrew....

Unless it has a different name...

Am I missing it?

Is it there or has no one created this yet....

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this has been asked before... here and here
there is a search feature =/
I am working on one, but it will take me several months. Don't expect anything moderately useful before summer ;-). But I'm hoping all the intermediary parts of this project will be helpful to the Wii homebrew community, and an edifying process for myself. Right now I've got downloading a file working, and my next area of attack is a graphical windowing system, which I hope to make abstract enough that others are able to use it for their homebrew apps. Anyway, I'll be going back to college tomorrow and I don't keep my Wii with me so I'll only be developing on weekends, although I might do prototypes on my PC. But yeah, I don't expect to have anything resembling a useful browser before the summer.

Edit: My focus is going to be more on building a solid application which can be used for basic browsing and downloading files (mainly intended for downloading stuff from wiibrew.org I guess since not everything hits the homebrew browser immediately) and actual HTML rendering is going to take a backseat to usability and robustness. Once I get a GUI up and running, I'll probably make a very basic rendering engine that just strips out tags and makes new paragraphs and such and makes links clickable, and images viewable. Anything more involved than that would require me to use an existing rendering engine. Hopefully by summer my skills will have improved to the point that I can attempt to port webkit or gecko, although it seems like these days everyone and their dog is porting webkit to an embedded platform so that might be the better course of action. I hear the gecko codebase is a bit horrific ;-). But I think I can at least try to approximate the level of rendering that the DS homebrew browser Bunjalloo can do, since it manages with only 4MB of RAM.

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Honestly, I'm disappointed with Nintendos Internet Browser. I just bought it the yesterday specifically for Hulu and its incompatible with the site. So, could you eventually put the latest version of Flash into your browser iofthestorm? That would make your browser a killer app.

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The problem is that Flash is proprietary and not generally publicly available for non-x86. Though if you want it that badly, you can use some emulation hax to get the latest version of Flash running under wii-linux; however, it'll be dog slow.
yeah, I would like it to be hulu and South Park Studios compatible...
Haha, as I said I'm not focusing on rendering most likely and it's extremely unlikely that I would be able to port flash. I'm not that leet, at least not yet anyway ;-). Now that I'm away from my Wii, I'll be making mockups in C++ with SDL or something during the week. That is if school doesn't crush me.
Just so you guys know, even if they did have the latest version of flash for the Internet Channel, it most likely wouldn't work very well on most video sites anyway. My computer is a dinosaur, and the processor is on slightly faster than the Wii; I can't even play Hulu videos anymore (they seemed to have changed how it buffers the video recently) and most video sites are extremely slow (Youtube is thankfully an exception). Now I know comparing my laptop's specs to the Wii isn't a perfect comparison, but still, I wouldn't bet on Hulu working.
No, and I hope no one every makes an IE for the Wii. IE is the world's worst web browser.
It is meant to say internet browser not Internet Explorer.
Arikado Edit: No pirating channels!!!

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Wow, that bold edit scared me =P

Back to the topic... I read once, somewhere, about a Flash alternative for Linux... I think it was part of KDE project.
What? I've never heard of such a thing!

Seriously, those projects exist but have trouble with compatibility for earlier Flash versions, much less 9/10, AFAIK.
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