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Theme Brick

Posted by AdamTG 
Theme Brick
May 18, 2009 08:51AM
Hi. I need help. I bricked my Wii after installing a theme from Edited Out. I have no idea what went wrong. Unfortunately I did not install recovery applications such as the preloader. After installing the theme, it rebooted the Wii and showed a Chinese health and saftey screen, with the Press A to continue part blocked by a watermark. Nothing happens when I press A, and it freezes here at the Chinese health and safety screen. Here is a video that depicts my problem:
I've been up for several hours searching and searching for the answer to this problem. I've found out about Savemiifrii. I learned that I had to take apart the gamecube controller in order for this to work. So I did. It turns out I fucked it up too much, so the Dpad did not work at all. At this point I was beyond frustrated. So regardless, I looked further into Savemiifrii. I found out that I needed an autoboot disc. I then begun a long search for a tutorial on how to create such a disc. No avail. Then I ran out of options, and decided I could maybe find the answer here. All I need is a guide. I have no modchip nor do I plan on getting one. I was running on 3.2U firmware. I installed the correct region of the theme by the way, either that or they title of the file decieved me, as it did say NTSC next to it. I am in a terrible state of emotion right now. It's not because of the Wii brick, it's because of my over confidence that this happened. I am frustrated with myself. All I want now is someone to help me fix my Wii. Also, I've decided to buy a Dance Dance Revolution pad so I can easily pull off the Up + Down + Left + Right function savemiifrii requires. I hear it works, due to a lot of people confirming it. Thanks in advance. Oh, and according to the Branch, I have fallen down the path of Brach C.

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Re: Softmii Theme Brick
May 18, 2009 12:35PM
This is why we install Bootmii instead of preloader.
This is why themes are pointless and way to risky to be worth bothering with.
(And BTW, I've edited your topic a bit ;) )

PS: Savemii(frii) only works if you insert a disc with firmware higher than you Wii's System Menu.

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Re: Theme Brick
May 19, 2009 02:47AM
Thanks. So I assume I will have to purchase a game requiring an update? Or can I just get a backup of the disc?
Re: Softmii Theme Brick
May 19, 2009 05:48PM
Backups = fail. You need an original.
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