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Semi-Bricked Wii *Confused*

Posted by mschario 
Semi-Bricked Wii *Confused*
June 05, 2009 04:25AM
Hello All!

I actually just traded my xbox 360 for a nintendo Wii. The wii i guess is modded and from what i am reading it is somewhat 'bricked'. When i initially started up the wii i had noticed homebrew and etc was on the system. I did a system format to start over thinking that was smart to do in case i needed to update etc etc. Well when i boot i got a screen with a menu and it just had a bunch of errors and i was able to just click one and i could get to my wii settings. I then eventually changed a setting from one to another to disable the wii from starting at the black screen with all the errors.

The wii boots up fine and everything is working great except i am a bit worried about trying to update the system because i dont want it to screw up and then not be able to boot up because of whatever is on the system.

Can anyone help me in trying to figure out how to take all the stuff of my system completely? It would be greatly appreciated!

Re: Semi-Bricked Wii *Confused*
November 07, 2009 04:52PM
what system menu version do you have? (check by going into the options menu and looking in the top right-hand corner)
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