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Banner Bricked 3.2 USA Wii

Posted by joshftx 
Banner Bricked 3.2 USA Wii
June 08, 2009 06:32PM
So, I have a Wii, 3.2 USA. I had a completely working Homebrew, backup launcher setup, working flawlessly for months. I was careful not to grab any of the recent updates. Not sure what happened exactly, but when I turn my Wii now, I get the Press A to continue screen, then the System Files are Corrupted error. :(

I have NO modchip installed, and I had the Twilight Princess save game hack on there before it crashed.

I tried the Gamecube Controller hack, and managed to get to a black screen with 3.2 (USA) on the bottom right. I tried making a few auto boot discs - Zelda, a wii recovery disk i found, a delete anything autoboot disc, etc., Nothing will autoplay once I'm at this screen.

Any ideas out there that don't require a mod chip before I send it back to Nintendo for $80?
Re: Banner Bricked 3.2 USA Wii
June 08, 2009 06:37PM
Autoboot discs will not work without a modchip. DO you know what you did before it bricked?
Re: Banner Bricked 3.2 USA Wii
June 08, 2009 07:31PM
Nope. the only sequence of events I can remember was inserting a Star Wars Lego PAL , checking to see that it worked properly with backup launcher, which it did, then powering off the wii. Its possible it was even played after that with a retail NTSC game. (I have NTSC-USA Wii)

Thanks for responding.

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Re: Banner Bricked 3.2 USA Wii
June 08, 2009 07:34PM
you're welcome. modchip or nintendo, two options...
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