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Welcome to the FixMii Forum! *READ FIRST*

Posted by tona 
Welcome to the FixMii Forum! *READ FIRST*
October 04, 2008 06:04PM

Wiis can become "bricked" for many reasons. Over the past few years, we've discovered the a number of different types of "bricks" and their causes. The practice of fixing bricks is of interest to many groups of people: Those with bricked Wiis, those studying Wii behavior, and those generally interested in helping people out.
What's more, most "bricked" Wiis are not normally supported by Nintendo, and they're not easy to create without using homebrew or hardware hacks in some way. In this way, they have a sort of unique status. The homebrew community has many tools at its disposal to modify the Wii's software configuration. This, combined with knowledge of the system itself, allows us to help many users fix their bricked, or otherwise malfunctioning Wiis.

For this purpose, we have decided to open a "FixMii" Forum--Where users can seek help for their bricked, misconfigured, or otherwise less-than-fully-functional Wiis.

Rules - READ ME!
In order for this forum to stay useful, and to keep people interested in helping others out, we're going to ask people to follow a few simple rules.

1. Please only make a topic if your Wii is Bricked or disabled in a homebrew-caused way.
2. Please check the Brick Solutions Topic and trying to troubleshoot your issue on your own before making a topic.
3. Please try to include the following information in your topics:

What happens when your Wii boots up? (How far it gets, does the Wii remote work, does the system freeze, go black, etc.)
- Information on some different brick stages

What Version of the System Menu is installed on the Wii?
- List of versions

Is the Homebrew Channel, the Twilight Hack, Indiana Pwns, Yu-Gi-Oh Exploit, Smash Stack, Bathaxx, Return of the Jodi, or Eri HaKawai installed on the system?
- HBC info, TP Hack info, Indiana Pwns info, Yu-Gi-Oh Exploit info, Smash Stack info, Bathaxx info, Return of the Jodi info, Eri HaKawai info

Does your Wii have a Drivechip?
- General drivechip info

Have you been able to boot homebrew in any way?

Do you have BootMii/boot2 or Preloader (Priiloader) installed?

What NOT to post in this forum:
- General Wii fixing questions, e.g. "Why won't my Wii read discs?"
- Mochip support, e.g. "Why won't my chipped Wii read discs?"
- Help with homebrew applications which you believe should work, e.g. "Help I can't change my region with X tool"

If everyone follows these guidelines, the FixMii forum should be able to evolve into a very useful resource for people on every side.

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