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Wii not booting right

Posted by iceblower 
Wii not booting right
July 21, 2009 05:21PM
Hey all

I have a Wii (PAL) with software 4.1E, I was trying to downgrade to 3.2 using hackmii. After a lot of IOS installs i downgraded to 3.2 and rebooted the wii, sadly nothing happens now. The dvd-drive flashes blue and a blink on the screen comes and goes, but nothing more. I have a SD card with bootmii on, but the wii won't boot with it.

Does anyone have an idea how I can restore my wii?

Re: Wii not booting right
July 21, 2009 05:58PM
You did not downgrade with HackMii. Lets get that sorted first. HackMii is a website. HackMii INSTALLER is a piece of homebrew, but you still did not downgrade with it. Nor did you install IOS with it. The only IOS you could have installed with it is BootMii IOS, but that is a single IOS install, not many. So now we have established that you did not use HackMii or HackMii Installer to downgrade. Yet you stated that you did, implying you believed you did, which shows you probably don't know much about homebrew, so shouldn't have been messing with downgrading. Not that there is any real need to downgrade anyway. But still, if you could tell us exactly what you DID run, it'd be very handy. Start by telling us what you have installed on your Wii (HBC, DVDx, BootMii, preloader etc.), and then what you used to downgrade. Most likely your Wii is full of fail and that is why you bricked. BTW, what are the first four digits of your serial number?
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