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So my sister f*cked up mi Wii

Posted by jesh12d3 
So my sister f*cked up mi Wii
July 23, 2009 03:15AM
Hey guys, my first time posting here and I'm asking for help... I feel ashamed.

Anyways, I had my Wii working perfectly until my little sister started messing up with the Homebrew Channel (it was my stupid idea to leave all the apps on the SD), so she installed and uninstalled god knows how many WAD's, cIOS's and IOS's, and among those she uninstalled DVDx and BootMii (she was kind enough to leave HBC installed, though).

Anyway, I thought "It should be no big deal. When I first installed the backup launchers and stuff, I made a backup of my NAND using BootMii. I should be able to restore to that point by installing BootMii". So I tried it, and DVDx was installed with no problems, but both ways of installing BootMii (boot2 and IOS) result in a -2 error, so it seems like I can't install it!

I had 3.2u, used Waninkoko's upgrader to 4.0u and it did upgrade but to no avail. Then I downgraded again to 3.2u and it still does not work.

Any ideas on how can I restore my good ol' NAND file without using BootMii? or any other ideas to install BootMii so I can restore it?
Thanks in advance!
Re: So my sister f*cked up mi Wii
July 23, 2009 03:35AM
Uninstall your WADs and cIOSes. Then run AnyRegion Changer and everything should work.

Stay away from warez.
Re: So my sister f*cked up mi Wii
July 23, 2009 11:39AM
Do you have cIOScorp? If so get rid of it. Two reasons - one it is illegal and fail, and two it stops hackmii installer working. Also, backups and WADs and cIOS arent supported here. Get rid of them. It'll decrease your brick risk greatly.
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