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System Menu is corrupt

Posted by sparky666 
System Menu is corrupt
October 09, 2009 05:12PM
Hi all who can help,

My wii System version was 3.4e i believe defo 3.4, i installed the homebrew channel fine then loaded the ios configuration during which the homebrew went upside down, then restarted and it only restarts to pre-loader? If i try and open the system menu or tell it to boot the screen show the System menu is corrupt.

I can access the home brew channel but only on the boot of the wii.

Can i fix this problem if possible could any one help please.

Re: System Menu is corrupt
October 09, 2009 05:28PM
Have you installed any WADs?

EDIT: use Gecko OS to run games in the meantime.

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Re: System Menu is corrupt
October 09, 2009 05:41PM
Thanks for that, i take i just remove the sd card and copy geko onto it and run it from homebrew?

Ill give it a try and see the outcome tonight.

Do you think there is a way to restore my System

Cheers again
Re: System Menu is corrupt
October 09, 2009 06:23PM
Would the SAVEMII Chip work at restoring everything back to normal?
Re: System Menu is corrupt
October 09, 2009 06:47PM
You just need to re-run the preloader installer to patch your System Menu IOS with ES_Identify (ES_DiVerify). The the System Menu will work fine. As for upside down HBC, install an unpatched IOS61 (or whatever IOS HBC runs on. To find out, run it and press home. It says in the corner IOSXX) with dop-IOS MOD. I'm guessing you either have cIOScorp or a bunch of patched IOS, which HBC doesnt like.
Re: System Menu is corrupt
October 09, 2009 08:30PM
Cheers guys, ive just booted the wii up and found my remote is no longer sync and i cant go any further than the pre-loader installer screen. i cant go further than the wad screen either. I tried with a gamecube controller but i only lets me use it in the pre loader startup screen and homebrew channel
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