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New Unbricking Method For (Bannerbricks) 4.2v Wii's and below

Posted by Dbgtgoten 
New Unbricking Method For (Bannerbricks) 4.2v Wii's and below
December 02, 2009 06:55AM
Hello glad to see you came into this topic now this is a new workaround that i've thought up to actually unbrick a wii console from a bannerbrick (Austin can verify i did indeed unbrick via IRC aka Souls)

Workaround 1# SDDm

EDIT: this can be done to unbrick 4.2v wiis but you must use the workaround to input a save file for another hack besides bannerbomb aka indiana jones

I dub this workaround:SDDm(Speed Demon Data management) aka SD card -> Data management if you look at it that way

To do this method you need to have the bannerbrick wii (4.1v system menu or below), Modchip(unless able to run games without one via recoverymenu), backups of your Owned games no piracy remenber? , a full or nearing full nand (no save blocks or barely any left)

Your nand has to be almost full if not full so you can do this method if it not full proceed backing up your originals or autobooting to take nand space anyway anyhow, once you are nearing less than 100 you can then use the following games to create this workaround:

Rabbids Go home (need around less than 77 blocks)
MySims Agent (96 blocks or less)
Mysims Kingdom (200 blocks or less)
Mysims racing (i think 3 blocks or less)
etc mysims games

Once you have low enough to do the workaround you will
Ex. Rabbids go home

1. Start up the console booting your game of choice
2. Go to the save screen where you can choose your save file.
3. Click to install the rabbids go home channel
4. Accept till it says you do not have enough space to install this channel
5. take out the dvd.
6. Click go to data management
7. Congrats you've bypassed the system menu with this workaround, feel free from here to do any of the following hacks (adding saves for brawl/indiana jones/bannerbomb)

Note: Brawl can be used to see your current amount of space by making stages and saving them

Successfully unbannerbricked my 4.0v non truncha non bootmii wii
This workaround has been discovered by me aka Souls/Dbgtgoten
if you have any questions about it email = Gotendos@hotmail.com or reply here i'll answer
I would like to say thank you for Austin and Geekboy for always talking to me during the rough bannerbrick times!

Workaround 2# NIP

NOTE another workaround into the data mangement screen has been found by me tho it might not be too appealing/might not work for bannerbricks please someone test if it can run during a bannerbrick
2nd workaround : Fill the Nand completely full to 0 blocks and the system menu takes you to data management itself =)

Workaround 3# WIP

NOTE ANOTHER workaround into the data management screen has been found by me, It requires the game Bonsai Barber to be installed (Wiiware)!

This workaround can't be done right now but it is a work in progress, i am looking for other ways to attempt this workaround!

I am always looking for new workarounds ! so keep an eye out as i find em


NOTE: it might be possible to change the games id title so you can dupe alot of the same saves (not tested) =)

Save game Block Usage:
SSBB : 128 blocks ( can do USA and PAL save separate for 256 blocks)
Drawn to life: next chapter : 77 Blocks
Mario Kart : 23 blocks
Guitar Hero world tour : 25 blocks
Pikmin : 31 blocks
Endless Ocean : 34 Blocks
Petz Crazy Monkey : 21 blocks
Quantom of Solace: 97 Blocks
Harvest Moon Tree of Tranquil : 25 blocks
Animal Crossing : City Folk : 36 blocks
MySims Kingdom : 121 blocks
MySims: 97 Blocks
Elebits: 109
Pokemon Battle Revolution: 29 blocks
Call of duty WAW: 63 blocks
Need for speed Nitro: 121 blocks
Wii Ski = 81 blocks
Simcity creator = 127 blocks
Ultimate Alliance 2 =20 blocks
Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 : 120+ blocks

Rabbids Channel : 77 blocks ( can be installed once then again to cause low space data management workaround)
Mario Kart Channel: 78 Blocks
Internet Channel : 222 Blocks
Wii Fit channel: 120 blocks

More coming soon...

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Re: New Unbricking Method For (Bannerbricks) 4.2v Wii's and below
December 02, 2009 07:10AM
good idea, but it comes down to this, you still need a modchip and stuff, which isn't supported here

EDIT: Also, if you have a banner-bricked Wii, you should already have BootMii or Preloader

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Re: New Unbricking Method For (Bannerbricks) 4.2v Wii's and below
December 02, 2009 07:12AM
Well some people don't i didn't and i am pretty sure you can do it via a modchip or not depending on how your hooked up i'd figured people would appreciate this method
Re: New Unbricking Method For (Bannerbricks) 4.2v Wii's and below
December 02, 2009 07:29PM
cool idea. may not be useful in most situations, but still, it'll probably be useful to someone.
Re: New Unbricking Method For (Bannerbricks) 4.2v Wii's and below
December 03, 2009 12:52AM
Was very useful to me =) no one else could help me
Re: New Unbricking Method For (Bannerbricks) 4.2v Wii's and below
December 03, 2009 02:25AM
Another new/same method added just discovered it =) check out the first page
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