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blackscreen brick preloader overwritten

Posted by dot32reset 
blackscreen brick preloader overwritten
December 08, 2009 04:14AM
I have a preloader installed, I installed system menu 3.2u.
after installation I reset it in the wii options and my homebrew channel got deleted, system menu still works fine.
Then I push the reset button while the wii is booting then I got a blackscreen every time I turn on the wii...
I guess the system menu 3.2u overwritten preloader after...

Can this wii still be fix?
Re: blackscreen brick preloader overwritten
December 17, 2009 08:09PM
Sure, test Savemiifrii, SaveMii Dongle or bootmii if you had it installed.
BUT be sure that it's a black screen and NOT a blank screen becuase if it's a blank screen and the TV does barely react I guess you're wii can't be restored unless you've got a nand flasher. :)

Btw do you have a modchip installed, if you have you gain another option which is to use an autoboot disc to boot immadietly to disc channel. However none of this is possible if it's a blank screen brick. I know this becuase I've got a wii with blank screen brick.
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