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really need help

Posted by zeek609 
really need help
December 17, 2009 06:38AM
okay first things first this happened quite some time ago and ive been trying to fix this for months. i installed every homebrew i could find and added prelaoder with a program called wiihome which gives you an option to go to the homebrew channel or start the wii system menu from startup, but the issue is when i select the ordinary system menu it just resets back to the wiihome screen. this is annoying as i cant access the homebrew channel either as the router i used at the time is now faulty and i cant get into the system menu to set a new access point. im really starting to give up hope here guys im just wondering if i can get some sort of repair shop to reset the original firmware or flash the drive. thanks
Re: really need help
December 17, 2009 06:49AM
I'm sorry, I got kind of lost when reading your post....

What results do you get when you turn on your TV screen?
Re: really need help
December 17, 2009 07:38AM
Why can't you access the Homebrew Channel? You don't need an internet connection for that.
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