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Require Help With SaveMii

Posted by lordofsquad 
Require Help With SaveMii
March 01, 2010 03:34AM
Hi everyone, here's my story.

I had decided to change my Wii's system menu theme, but somehow patched it wrong. After installing it, I went back to the system menu, only to find myself greeted with green and pink stripes. Yikes. I had bricked my Wii.

I quickly ordered a SaveMii (not finding out about SaveMiiFrii till afterwards, but what can you do?), and hoped it would work. Well, it came in, and it seems it'll work. When I turn my Wii on with it inserted into the second memory card slot, it displays v4.0 USA (or something similar) in the corner. I understand this is what's supposed to happen.

But now what do I do? I think I need a disc of some sort to run the Homebrew Channel so I can reinstall the original menu theme. I also know I can insert a new game to update to the latest version of the system menu, but I'm on v4.0 as previously stated, and I'd rather not upgrade to v4.2 for reasons that should be obvious.

Any and all help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance! =)

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Re: Require Help With SaveMii
March 01, 2010 04:52AM
Update with a new game, such as New Super Mario Bros. You have no other option, unless you already patched IOS 60 with the trucha bug, and install a mod chip.
Re: Require Help With SaveMii
March 01, 2010 04:59AM
I see. Just another question then, how badly is v4.2 going to screw my stuff over? I heard it uninstalls the HBC and everything else that isn't Nintendo-kosher.
Re: Require Help With SaveMii
March 01, 2010 06:47PM
System menu 4.2 only deletes Homebrew Channel 1.0.4 and older. The latest version works on 4.2. However, the update on NSMB has system menu 4.1, the boot2 update, and the latest IOSes. It won't screw anything up, but if it bothers you that much, you could leave your wii bricked.
Re: Require Help With SaveMii
March 02, 2010 02:47AM
Alright, thanks for your help. I'm gonna get things going right away here and let you know if it works.

EDIT: Okay, hurm. I have NSMBW in the disc slot, and I've tried using the SaveMii in both memory card slots. Both ways, it displays v4.1 in the bottom right hand corner, like it should. Both LEDs are lit up on the SaveMii. After a few minutes, v4.1 disappears off the screen, and I'm left with just a black screen. Do I need to wait it out, or is there something else I need to do?

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Re: Require Help With SaveMii
March 02, 2010 03:10AM
It installed the update, but it failed to fix the problem. It is still possible to fix, but it will be difficult. In order to fix it, you must install a mod chip capable of autobooting a game (we can't help you with the chip, since such information could be used by pirates). You must configure the chip to autoboot a game, and have it autoboot Super Smash Bros Brawl. Once Brawl is running, you can use Smash Stack to launch Dop-IOS Mod and install a system menu and its IOS.
Re: Require Help With SaveMii
March 02, 2010 03:16AM
Oh jeez, this is awful. Alright, thanks for your help!

EDIT: WAIT. I forgot to do the most obvious thing: reboot. Everything seems to be all fixed now. Thanks again for your help! =)

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