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Posted by PunishmentDivine 
December 20, 2008 06:42AM
Okay. I have always, always taken care of my Wii. I've always kept it in a nice, safe place, and was even hesitant adding Homebrew to it.

About a week ago, however, I brought my Wii to the local cardshop for a practice session with some local players. I walked away from my Wii to play a game of Magic with my friend. During the game, the people playing were horsing around, I hear a loud sound, and turn around to find my Wii on the floor.

After checking, I found that whenever I turn the Wii on, it just shows a black screen and won't shut off normally. Obviously my Wii is the one this happens to, despite all those other dropped Wiis that work fine even after like 5 plunges -_-

As I stated, I have Homebrew on my Wii. I am reluctant to send my Wii back to Nintendo due to this. Are there any repercussions if they find out? I have no way of deleting it, or I would.I would really like my Wii fixed, does anyone have any advice? @_@
Re: Dilemma
December 22, 2008 04:50AM
If you want to take it apart, the problem is almost certainly that the Bluetooth card in the front of the device has come loose. You could take the whole thing apart, unplug it, and plug it back in -- this would probably fix it.

However, if the Wii doesn't show any signs that you've dropped it, I'd just send it in for warranty service. Nintendo barely even looks at the Wiis before giving you a "new" (refurbished) unit; you will lose all of your savegames this way, have to reinstall HBC, etc.
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