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Wii not loading DVD's

Posted by rayray0592 
Wii not loading DVD's
November 13, 2010 10:46AM
Hi there,

My wii had the homebrew channel installed, but this morning when I turned it on the homebrew channel would not load, a blue screen appeared for a second and it would just return to the System menu. This happened with all other wii channels, so I formatted the wii with the intention of reinstalling the HBC with the indianapwns exploit (i am on system menu 4.3).

however, when I tried to load up the indiana jones disc, the screen just went black after clicking play on the wii disc menu. so now I have a wii with no HBC, no channels working that is not loading discs. Is there anyway to get it working again? ANY help would be massively appreciated. Thanks :)
Re: Wii not loading DVD's
November 13, 2010 05:31PM
Do you have Priiloader or StartPatch? Also, have you made any IOS modifications, especially the installation of cIOScrap/DarkCrap? If the answer to both of these questions is no, try a system update. Otherwise, tell me exactly what you have installed so that we can find a solution.
Re: Wii not loading DVD's
November 13, 2010 07:20PM
Bootmii might also be able to help you if you installed that. But only if you installed it to boot2 not as an IOS

you would also need a NAND backup for preferance.

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