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Component Video Issue

Posted by chemdiver 
Component Video Issue
December 03, 2010 05:29PM
Hey all. I have a Wii that has been running fine using RCA A/V cables, but I recently purchased some component cables, and sound will work, but video won't. The screen is all scrambled, like when you try to watch a cable channel you don't have. I know it's not the cable itself, because I have a second Wii in another room (not hacked) and I swapped the component cable from it, and both cables work fine on the non hacked Wii. Neither will work on the hacked Wii. I also know it's not the TV, because I've plugged the component cables from my PS2 into both component inputs on the TV, and it works fine in either of them. So, the only variable left is the Wii. What could I have done (or not done) that would cause the Wii to work fine with RCA cables but not component?
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