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Corrupt System File

Posted by ragincajun 
Corrupt System File
March 07, 2011 06:20PM
Hey guys and gals. So, I have a 4.2 system menu wii and have been running HBC with no problems for about a year. That is until last night. I was playing Super Paper Mario and I saved my game and then pressed the "home" button and clicked "return to system menu". My wii then kinda froze for a few seconds and a black screen appeared saying "Your system files are corrupt. Please refer to the operations manual."

So, I restarted my wii using the reset button and the same message appeared immediately after you press "A" to get out of the introduction screen. I have found a workaround, but it is still a pesky bug that I would like to fix. If I restart the wii during a game and don't press "A" to bypass the intro screen (i.e. wait until it automatically goes past the screen) everything works fine.

At first I thought that the Super Paper Mario save file must be corrupt, so I backed it up and then deleted it from the system memory. That didn't help and I actually don't think that is the problem

Now a brief background story. Last night, before this happened, I went out and bought a new wii controller. The one I bought has the wii motion built into it. When I get back home I start playing Super Paper Mario with my old controller and then look over and see the new one. So I press "home" and reconnect my wiimote in order to sync the new one as player 1. I then play for 10 minutes, save the game, press home to return to the system menu and the above occurs. For some reason, I think that this new controller is the culprit. My old official wiimote automatically syncs with my wii at startup, but the new one it seems like I have to reconnect it every time in order to use it.

The only other changes made to the wii last night, before this happened, were:

1. I changed the position of the sensor bar from top of tv to bottom in Wii menu settings;
2. I increased the wii sensor bar's sensitivity;
3. I turned off WiiConnect 24
4. Bought a new Wii Controller (with built in wii motion plus) and tried to synch it as player one.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Re: Corrupt System File
March 07, 2011 09:11PM
You haven't installed any themes or custom channels recently? If you have, it could be them...

Other than that, it could perhaps be a mail brick, but I don't really know much about them I'm afraid. You should try to boot your Wii in "maintenance mode" (google for instructions). If that works, I believe that means it may be a mail brick.
Re: Corrupt System File
March 07, 2011 09:55PM
Well, I got it working but I am still trying to figure out why the hell it happened just to appease my curiosity. As I drove home from lunch after typing the OP I realized that I never permanently synched the new Wiimote. Instead, I was using it by synching the temp way (i.e. home, controller reset, hit buttons 1 & 2 simultaneously). Then I would use that same Wii controller that I just temporarily synched to exit out of the game and back to the system menu. When I would try and do that the new controller would no longer be synched and mashing any of its buttons would just result in four blinking blue lights and a black screen telling me that my System files are corrupt.

Now that I have permanently synched the new controller everything works fine.

Very odd, but I guess I am just glad that it is not bricked because my backup NAND is in the black-hole abyss of my most recent HDD failure. Creating a new NAND backup tonight. :)
Re: Corrupt System File
March 07, 2011 10:18PM
Glad you got it fixed. Seems strange, but at least it was fixable.
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