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Low level brick idea to fix

Posted by elp342 
Low level brick idea to fix
April 02, 2011 08:39PM
Hey guys, this is my first post here, i have a big question, i have a low level bricked wii, i was reading thruout the forum and found something plaussable but no one commented if it would work or not, i was thinking about swaping the nand from a good boot 2 bootmii wii with the nand from the bricked wii just to be able to get the keys out of the bricked wii since it doesnt have bootmii boot2 or hackable boot can anyone let me know if this would work? the post that i read was a post from pspmte "Unbricking with a bootmii and nandflash swap", hope u guys can help thanks in advanced :)
Re: Low level brick idea to fix
April 03, 2011 02:08AM
this sounds like a good idea on paper, but i dont see how it would work. your wii will not boot a nand with bootmi @ boot2. this is a known fact. your wii will only ever boot a nand with that 1 specific version of boot1. and that version of boot1 will only boot a version of boot2 that comes with proper signatures. it doesnt matter what physical nand chip they are on, your wii will refuse to start bootmii @ boot2.

you can do the swap on a different wii, and it will work perfectly. you can boot bootmii @ boot2, you can switch the nand chips, and you can use bootmii to dump your bricked nand to SD. but thats as far as that train will go. every part of the nand is signed with hmac after the first 8 blocks. since the hmac key used to sign all the parts of your nand doesnt match the one stored in OTP, boot2 will refuse to load any of the superclusters, and if it would accept them, it would refuse to read ANY of the files. it wouldnt load a IOS or the system menu.
Re: Low level brick idea to fix
April 03, 2011 02:30AM
thank you so much for clearing this up 4 me giantpune, interesting, so keys on the dead wii are basically lost hey?
do u know where i could read more about how the nand initializes? and its structure thanks
Re: Low level brick idea to fix
April 03, 2011 04:12AM

i wouldnt say they are lost. the only info you provided is that you have a "low level brick". that is far too little information to say your wii is a lost cause.
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