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what is wrong...

Posted by rastlin 
what is wrong...
June 19, 2011 08:14AM
ok please dont flame me but i have a question and none of my research seems to come close to my issue, my wii is ver 4.2u and i was able to make a good nand backup before i installed HBC well when the new system update came out i tried to update to get the netflix channel and i keepted getting a 32004 error when it tried to update...i though nothing of it. well today i tried to play a game borrowed from a friend and it required a system update i said "ok" and the game was playable when i went back to play some of my elder games HBC worked but none of the games did. so i did a system format thinking it had something todo with the new game.. to make a long story short i still cannot update my wii nor can i install bootmii. now heres where it gets weird..... when i go into HBC i can get into bootmii. once there i go into the NAND and try to restore it says that bootmii is not installed and "its too dangerous to continue if your sd is corrupted or restore is interrupted you will be unable to boot to fix it. KONAMI. otherwise press [z] to give up.....Try harder Hashimoto-san!" ok WTF does that mean?!?!! as nearest i can figure it, its has a boot2 error or a LLB issue but iam unsure....please help me

perpetually confused

Re: what is wrong...
June 19, 2011 10:31AM
You have BootMii/IOS which cannot safely restore a NAND dump. That is only safe with BootMii/boot2. Dunno about your other issue though. Try loading dop-Mii WiiBrew Edition (find it on WiiBrew wiki) and selecting "SysCheck", and post the results here.
Re: what is wrong...
June 19, 2011 05:19PM
Do you have Priiloader installed? Also, what version of the Homebrew Channel are you running?
Re: what is wrong...
June 21, 2011 08:10AM
Possibly you have priiloader
Possibly you are blocking online updates
Possibly you are not blocking disc updates
Possibly you updated from disc, sm 4.2+
Possibly you install ios249-v65280, from the 4.2+ disc update
Possibly you are loading games in a manner unsupported by wiibrew

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