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Bricked ... or not?

Posted by RS200 
Bricked ... or not?
August 31, 2011 11:30PM

I have a few problems with my Wii which (I hope) you guys can help me to fix.

I had a launch day wii on 4.1E

I have HBC installed for my homebrew but I had not used the wii for some time. I saw online that there was a wiiware game (Moto Heroz) coming out and thought I would take a look at the shop to see if it was there yet. The shop required me to update to 4.3E so .. I took a look around on wiibrew and it said it was safe to do so if I had the latest version of HBC, so I installed 4.3E but now what happens is that I can't launch anything! .. the wii boots as normal to the system menu but when I can't launch anything, when I go into the channels and press launch the wii 'resets' and it goes back to the Health screen.

Even my retail games - on the disc menu it comes up with the title but when I press start it just goes black and resets the wii.

I can go into settings and do things in there but of course I can't force a re-download of the 4.3E firmware because it says that I am already on it.

It is as if the IOS's have become unusable. It's very strange.

I thought I would see if I could recover something but everything I have tried has failed. Of course as it is on 4.3E there is no boot2 anymore and I didn't have the time before it went wrong to install Priiloader so I have no NAND backup (and no way of using it anyway!)

I'm pretty sure that if I would just get a working IOS then all would be back as the system menu works exactly as it should ... I just can't launch anything once I press start in the channel! - not even in the shop or any other nintendo channels. my installed VC and wiiware doesn't work either - just resets the console ...

.. and all this happened just after 4.3E was installed and the machine rebooted.

If there is any other info I can give - please just ask ...

Help .. please :-)
Re: Bricked ... or not?
September 13, 2011 05:54AM
Go into the settings and copy down your wiis mac address. Then get "Letterbomb" setup on your sd card. Put the letterbomb "Private" folder on your sd card, nothing else. Get "dop-mii v12", extract the boot.dol to sd:/. Now run the letterbomb exploit and load the boot.dol, dop-mii should load. Select an ios with permissions "trucha, es- identify, nand,", load that ios. Now do a system scan of the wii, let it finish or crash ( which ever comes first). Turn the wii off, power it back on and see if you can load any channels.

If you have issues with loading dop-mii via letter bomb, load the hackmii installer instead, then reinstall HBC and exit the installer to HBC. Then load dop-mii from HBC and do the system scan while running on an ios with "permissions"

You probably want to use ios250

It is possible that your wii will not have the needed ios permissions to do the fix. If that happens load the hackmii via letterbomb, then exit the installer to the HBC. Load dop-mii wiibrew edition, try the system scan under ahbprot and see if that fixes the issue. If not, install ios36-v1042 and ios15-v257 via dop-mii wiibrew. Then load dop-mii v12 and load ios36, do the system scan. IOS36 v1042 will likely crash if your wii is new. If that happens try again, but use ios15 to do the scan. I don't know if the current versions of dop-mii will fix the issue I think you may have, but you can try, v12 is know to fix it.

Hope that helps. If you does not work you have bigger issue. I suggest making a new nand backup with bootmii and running giantpunes nandbincheck on it, do a full scan then post the report. Perhaps someone who know what any of that means can detect and issue.

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Re: Bricked ... or not?
September 17, 2011 05:57PM
i would suggest that you dont try to use DOP-xxx to fix this error. what mauifrog is thinking is that you are experiencing a "brick" caused by using the syscheck feature from dop-ios v11.something. i agree with him in that i think this is the cause of your problem. but i disagree that running the syscheck from a newer version of the program is the proper way to fix it.

the issue happens because they used a ticket and TMD for IOS0 to test for different loopholes in your installed IOS. but they did not remove the IOS0 ticket and TMD. it is the presence of these 2 things that cause the system menu to act like yours is acting.

aside from the fact that these IOS scanners are, in general, a bad idea, dop-ios has an extra-poor implementation of it. for one, they are using the ticket and TMD for IOS0 to perform their tests. they can use any of millions of IDs, and still they use one that can possibly brick the system. when you run their IOS checker-outter, it is really doing this: "reload IOS, brick the wii, unbrick the wii, repeat". and they still only delete 1/3 of the stuff they leave on your wii. there still is the folder structure and a TMD for this thing left on your wii when the program finishes running. they only delete the ticket and since it doesnt brick your wii, it is considered good enough.

simply deleting IOS0 using a sane tool will fix it

properly delete 00000001-00000000 ticket, TMD, and title folders and it should fix your wii.
Re: Bricked ... or not?
September 18, 2011 12:48AM
Hi There!

First, Can I say a BIG thanks to both of you which replied. I will say first - that it is now fixed :-) .. I was prepared at one stage to go out and buy a new Wii but I just knew it wasn't actually broken.

I actually put this post up on another forum and it was there where people suggested that I should just letterbomb it and reinstall HBC that way. I did that and it HBC would actually work for that ONE time but a reset later and everything would be back to how it was (I.E. you would try and launch something and it would just reset)

Sooo ... I used letterbomb again and installed/ran HBC and re-hacked (with trucha, ES Identify etc) my IOS 15 and 36 ... I also (how brave or stupid this was - I don't know) found a system 4.1E Wad ... so I installed that ... So now I have 4.1E again on my system. I used WiiSCU to get the new shop version too - which I should of just done in the first place to save all this mess!

At least I have made a new NAND backup so if it happens again I can simply reload that.

Everything I have thrown at it so far works a dream, I can play all my retail games, my GC games, my VC and Wiiware work great and (my new game) Moto Heroz is simply awesome :-D

So thanks guys.

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