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Banner Brick?

Posted by Hollow_Dragonite 
Banner Brick?
September 26, 2011 09:31AM
I f'ed up my Wii.

I stupidly tried to restore a Bootmii backup from one Wii to another without converting it. I fixed most of the problems I caused, but the Shop Channel and some online features freeze it (i.e., exiting from GH: WT or SSBB after being online). I have tried removing my account and formatting my Wii, plus creating a new NAND with ohneschwanzenegger, but still nothing. I came close, and was able to download some demos (can't really try anything else, so I don't know if it was just a random chance), but I couldn't download anything from the music store in GH: WT. I put "Banner Brick?" as my title of the post, because when I format my Wii, I get a "System Files are Corrupted" sometimes, but I can usually avoid it if I put random settings and change them later.

I need help. BIG TIME
Re: Banner Brick?
October 01, 2011 07:34AM
I assume you have boot2 bootmi.
Try ohneschwanzenegger again. First make a new nand backup, from your messed up wii. Then format the new nand.bin with ohneschwanzenegger. Be sure to set your setting.txt to match your wii's region and serial number. Then install SM 4.1 with ohneschwanzenegger, let it do its thing. Once you have made the new nand.bin with ohneschwanzenegger, check it with nandbincheck.
Do this from shell-
nandbincheck nand.bin -all -v

make sure there are no errors.

Then restore the new nand.bin

If ohneschwanzenegger does not fix your issue, you possibly have hardware issues. Possibly your wii or your home network. There is nothing software related you can do after that, AFAIK.

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