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Re: Bricked wii 4.3E

Posted by jeroengast 
Re: Bricked wii 4.3E
October 20, 2011 04:15PM
Hey i have accedantily bricked my wii. at first it was on firmware 4.3e (i live in holland) and then with the wad installer of multi-mod manager i installed the olD 4.1e firmware which bricked my wii. i still have to try the gc-D-pad-method for putting in a new firmware. i have installed Priiloader but dont know or cant acces it. in Priiloader i enabled 3 hacks: disable disc update, disable online update and region free EVERYTHING NOTE: when i press the on/off button on my wii i dont get a black screen, webpage-looking text of whatever. the light just goes on, and thats it

Q 1: what can i do besides the gc-d-pad-method to put in a new firmware?

Q 2: what will i lose when i upgrade and what will be saved by Priiloader?

Q 3: is there a safer way?

Q 4: how can i make sure this will never ever happen again (afterwards)

greets jeroen, holland

BTW: sorry for bad english

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Re: Bricked wii 4.3E
October 20, 2011 05:52PM
If you installed BootMii/boot2 and took a NAND dump, or if you installed BootMii/IOS and took a NAND dump and are prepared to pay a bit, you can recover your Wii.

If not, you will never be able to fix this Wii. You have fully bricked the Wii, priiloader is wiped out, GC d-pad method ("SaveMiiFrii" - recovery mode) will not work, nothing will work.

As for your question on how to make sure it doesn't happen again, that's simple: Don't use pathetic pieces of software that are poorly pulled together from a bunch of other out dated tools and is generally rubbish. And don't do things you don't understand. If you had understood what you were doing, you would have installed a working IOS60 before installing the System Menu, and you wouldn't be in this problem. Even better, you wouldn't have downgraded because it is 100% useless.
Re: Bricked wii 4.3E
October 23, 2011 01:49PM
You can also use a dance pad and just find 2 objects to put on the other 2 arrows instead of trying to take apart a gc controller
Re: Bricked wii 4.3E
October 23, 2011 09:33PM
You can also use a dance pad and just find 2 objects to put on the other 2 arrows instead of trying to take apart a gc controller
Yes, but it's already been stated that "SaveMii" won't work.
Re: Bricked wii 4.3E
November 13, 2011 01:42AM
i have also bricked my 4.3e wii but in a different way i installed the dark wii theme using wads and then i stupidly uninstalled it thinking it would go back to the original but instead bricked my wii
i know for a fact that if i could just get into the HBC i could unbrick my wii the problem is i cant get into it

when i turn it on the wii the tv goes grey then black so it recognises it
i have to hold not just press to power off
i hav tried savemiifrii (using not nintendo brand controller because they are harder to find) and nothing happened
when i turn it on with a disc in it spins but when i take it out and put it bac in it does nothing
i got myb wii in 2008 25 december
it has darkcorp installed (can read burnt games through disc channel)
i have priiloader but it wont come up
i have bootmii installed as boot ios NOT boot 2
i dont hav a copy of nand
no mod chips

plez help i have looked everywhere for an answer
Re: Bricked wii 4.3E
November 13, 2011 03:05AM
It's bricked. Time to buy a new one.
Re: Bricked wii 4.3E
November 13, 2011 02:08PM
You don't have Priiloader. You had Priiloader. As it installs itself in place of part of the System Menu, when you uninstalled that, you also uninstalled Priiloader.

You should NEVER use WADs for themes. If you insist on using themes, use CSMs made with MyMenu/ThemeMii and install with MyMenuify. That way you will still be able to access Priiloader even if you screw up.

But like tueidj said, you'll have to buy a new one. Alternatively if you took a NAND dump at some point, you may be able to find someone somewhere that could use a hardware NAND programmer to fix your Wii for you. But this would also cost money, and you'd probably have to send your Wii to a stranger over the internet. An individual known as DeadlyFoez used to offer this service, not sure if he still does or not.
Re: Bricked wii 4.3E
April 21, 2012 03:45AM
If you had priiloader then it could take you to homebrew channel & just install another them if the last one was bad but without priiloader you are in a world of hurt. Send it to Nintendo to have it refurbished & reprogrammed. Downgrading your system is a huge mistake.
Re: Bricked wii 4.3E
April 21, 2012 09:36PM
dude, read the dates of the last post before posting a reply... this topic is 5 months old.
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