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Bricked wii - HELP

Posted by Jerry 
Bricked wii - HELP
December 03, 2011 08:49PM
Hello, my Wii has been bricked for about three months now.

What I was trying to do was play torrented games, D: . I was following a guide, I don't remember which but it said that I needed to downgrade my software. I know that it was 4.1, and I don't know what I was trying to downgrade to 3.6 possibly. I would really just like to get my Wii back to normal and leave it that way. If anyone could help it would be great.

SO i tried to downgrade and then everything froze up. I tried to restart it but, the screen just stayed blank. Holding down the four arrows don't do anything and when I turn it on its a black screen. If you can help it would be appreciated. :)
Re: Bricked wii - HELP
December 04, 2011 02:23AM
Wiibrew does not support what you have done to your wii, which is to completely kill it by downgrading it following a stupid guide. If you made a nand backup prior to killing the wii send it to a nand programmer to have it fixed. If you don't have a nand backup, throw it really hard against the wall, then go buy a new one.
Re: Bricked wii - HELP
December 04, 2011 04:52AM
So there's nothing I can do? I didn't make a back up.
Re: Bricked wii - HELP
December 04, 2011 05:47AM
Sorry, but there is nothing you can do to fix it without a nand backup. You followed an outdated method of downgrading a wii to 3.2, unfortunatly for you your wii's hardware does not run on that old system ios, crashing your wii at boot.

If you had boot2 bootmii you could fix it, but you don't have boot2 bootmii since you have this issue. Do you have boot2 boot?
Re: Bricked wii - HELP
December 04, 2011 08:49PM
Please refrain from talking about torrented games in these forums again. We a strongly opposed to piracy here. You are welcome to seek help for your bricked Wii, but don't mention anything to do with piracy again.
Re: Bricked wii - HELP
December 04, 2011 09:30PM
Your Wii is fucked.
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