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Who's royally F'd? Mii. (No bootmii, No Preloader)

Posted by Bondie 
Who's royally F'd? Mii. (No bootmii, No Preloader)
December 21, 2011 03:37AM
I'll say it up front: I'm a noob to all this.
We have 2 Wiis in the house presently and I was hacking both for the first time. I used the latest letterbomb exploit to get HBC on both and that worked fine. Next step was getting them to read backup games. I'd done it right on the one that doesn't belong to me, but when it came time to do it again I bricked my Wii. Big time. It wasn't responding to the software the same as the other so I ended up doing a few things differently the second time around and BOOM! Bricked. Unfortunately I didn't find out until after I'd done the deed that downgrading ANYTHING is a bad idea - that's exactly what I did.
The install failed and I've probably got half of system menu 4.2 and the other half 4.3 floating around in inaccessible disk space.
To clarify I was trying to downgrade from 4.3 to 4.2. I was using DOP-Mii to do it if that means anything to anyone.

Power light goes from red to green
TV screen flickers meaning it's getting a signal from the AUX input
black screen
disk tray light flashes once
drive makes noise as if ejecting a disk for several seconds
indefinite silence and black screen

I do not have bootmii or preloader installed because I'm a moron. I've exhausted every free option I could find for the problem. They are:
Savemiifrii, an SD card rescue package from YouTube, trying desperately to make preloader or bootmii work like the desperate moron I am.
I've given up on those solutions because no matter what I put on the SD card or how obsenely I treat this GameCube controller the console will not respond to anything.

Of course there's the hopeful man's question of "Am I overlooking any cost-free options that could be of help?"

The other question is this: I have another Wii in the house that works fine. Is there any way to copy the system files from one to the other?
-Before you suggest I just play the other Wii from now on, I can't due to circumstances not relevant to the thread.

If I'm fucked feel free to say so. I'll go spin my sob story for Nintendo with a fist full of cash and buckets of remorse.

Thanks for reading, fingers crossed.

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Re: Who's royally F'd? Mii. (No bootmii, No Preloader)
December 21, 2011 05:27AM
Sounds like you have a stubbed systemmenu IOS. Since you don't have bootmii @ boot2, your only chance of fixing this is with a nand programmer. Even with that, you would either need a backup of your nand, or at the very least, the nand hmac and aes keys. Without those, you are the proud owner of a $120 plastic brick.
Re: Who's royally F'd? Mii. (No bootmii, No Preloader)
December 22, 2011 01:28AM
the word downgrading brick your wii and i don,t know why you done that 4.3 works fine .you get nothing from downgrading unless you was trying to get something to work.

like giantpune said plastic brick machine

try sending it to Nintendo if it,s new just don,t say the word brick or downgrading.
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