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Wii slowly committing suicide.

Posted by Commancer 
Wii slowly committing suicide.
January 27, 2012 08:18AM
I installed BootMii + HBC back in September 2010 on my launch Wii for homebrew, and for a year, everything worked perfectly. The first thing I noticed though, was that I started to get some artifacts in game, meaning my GPU was damaged (did the transistors get fried or is it a BGA pin problem that can be fixed?) , but I could still do everything a Wii normally does. Then, BootMii would never launch the HBC no matter if I reinstalled my System Menu, associated IOS with DOP-Mii, BootMii, or the HBC. Now it's randomly freezing in the system menu when I'm changing settings, such as locking up when I try to change Wi-Fi settings (I can play games online perfectly, though). I also can't launch or change anything from my SD card on the Wii Menu, but WiiXplorer is working perfectly.

Does anyone know how my Wii dying and is there any way to fix it?

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