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"An error has occurred" - Drive Completely replaced and I'm out of ideas, please please help

Posted by DrunkenNinja 
"An error has occurred. Press the eject button, remove the game disk, and turn off the power to the console. Please read the Wii operations manual for further instructions."

The majority of information I have read on this subject recommends swapping out the Laser, or bending the clips at the front of the drive tray (these were straight and the disc moved freely) so I was just about to order one when I realized I had a fully functional Wii in the closet, so I basically traded parts from a fully functional and tested DB2 drive (both drives are DB2) to find out 100% what the problem is, I have completely stripped down the two drives and swapped parts in and out (inc. the laser which I also POT calibrated), I even de-soldered and re-soldered the motors to check if the Board was at fault, basically nothing worked

The drive spins up with the Laser working, for around 10 - 15 seconds before clicking 4 or 5 times with the above error message, sometimes the drive will spin for 1 second then stop it's pretty irratic, after 10 Hours working on this I have come to the conclusion that this problem is not related to the drive.

Not wanting to delve into the main Wii CB, I was ready to scrap it but before doing so I am seeking expert advise and considering installing HBC just to see if it could possibly help in someway, given that it looks likely the drive is not at fault I am guessing it is either a fuse, cb chip or software issue, unfortunatly I pretty much only have control over the latter unless a Wii techitian guides me to the contrary.

You guys are the bomb, I have read many of the threads here and you guys really know what your talking about, any help is greatly appreciated.
Do your wii channels, vc, wiiware work?
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