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Bricked? Help :(

Posted by sirbastian 
Bricked? Help :(
August 07, 2012 11:58PM
Hey there.
So, this other day, I accidentally bought a US version of Rythm Heaven Fever, which was a mistake, since I live in Europe.
Not wanting to have lost my money for nothing, a friend of mine suggested using Gecko to play the game. After a bit of fiddling, sure enough, I was able to play. I had the Wii turned on and played the game three times (Along with a game of Smash Bros.) over the course of three-four days. However, on one day as I turned my Wii on, no audio or video came up on my TV. It simply said "No signal". The Wii was on, I triple-checked the wires, I plugged my PS2 into the same socket as the Wii went into and that worked fine.

My friend now informs me the Wii is probably bricked, and I'm getting extremely desperate. I just want my Wii back to good old standard Wii :( Can anyone help me?

P.S. Homebrew Channel was the one installed to make Gecko work.

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Re: Bricked? Help :(
August 10, 2012 05:01PM
If all you did was install Homebrew Channel and run Gecko OS, there's no way your Wii could have been bricked (as a result of homebrew). If it stopped working after having done only those things, it was probably just a coincidence.

If however, you tried installing anything else (e.g. cIOS, priiloader, system menu patches, themes etc.), then chances are some of that stuff caused a brick.

One possibility I can think of is you perhaps accidentally changed your video output settings to NTSC instead of PAL (this can't be done inside Gecko OS, but there are other homebrew apps that can do this I think). I'm afraid I'm not really sure of the best way to fix it in that case.

When you installed HBC (homebrew channel), did you by any chance also install BootMii/boot2? (BootMii can be installed in two "versions"; BootMii/boot2 and BootMii/IOS. BootMii/boot2 is great for recovering bricks, BootMii/IOS is practically useless for recovering bricks, but BootMii/boot2 can only be installed on quite old Wiis)
Re: Bricked? Help :(
August 11, 2012 07:00PM
Before installing HBC, I tried using the Smash Bros way of playing my game, but it didn't work, so I deleted it from my SD card. Other than that, I didn't try to install anything else.
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