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SD card issue (writing works, can't read)

Posted by cheesewiz 
SD card issue (writing works, can't read)
December 17, 2012 05:03AM
this is my 2nd bannerbombed wii (my first one went with the ex), and i've grazed through titles of people and other issues revolving around "SD". if someone has solved this already i could use a friendly point to the right thread :)

but what i'm running into is the data in my /private folder on the wii cannot be read by wii nor computer if its from a wad i install myself. demos and games i've purchased and downloaded from the wii shop channel work fine on the SD card, but i cannot for the life of me get any backups or homebrew wads, ANYTHING else to work (if it wasn't downloaded through wii shop). anything sent to SD is sent to its grave. i can never move/copy it back to wii system memory.

here are some random bits of info hopefully that make sense to some of you experienced folk!

from bootmii:
bootmii v1.2
stub 1.4
mini 0.3

sysmenu 4.3U boot1b boot2v4

from homebrew channel:
IOS58 v24.32

disclaimer: if this turns into a CIOS question i apologize up front! i have no idea what's causing this. lock me down and kick me out XD

thank you (whomever) for any help you can give! my wii constantly runs out of blocks, i can't save anything to SD w/ hopes of it ever working again, not even save games :(
Re: SD card issue (writing works, can't read)
December 18, 2012 05:20AM
Since homebrew app channels are fakesigned when installed on the wii, they can not be loaded from the sd card. When the wii loads from sd card it checks the signature of these channels, since they are fakesigned it refuses to load or install them. Not to say it is not possible, this was possible on all wiis 3.2 and less which had the trucha bug in the system ios. System menu runs on ios80 and does not have the trucha bug in ios80. So unless the trucha bug crawls into your ios80, it will not work. I believe the same is true of cheat codes and patches applied to wiiware/vc via gecko os, that may or may not still be true for that, not sure.
Re: SD card issue (writing works, can't read)
December 18, 2012 05:28AM
WADs and backups are both not supported by this forum.
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