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Semi-bricked wii using PAL game. Can't access settings. Don't know system menu firmware version. Require easiest and quickest fix.

Posted by Karanzs 
Hey i seem to have semi-bricked my wii by playing a PAL game and cant access settings. But i can access data management.

I want to know the easiest way to find out my firmware version and to fix the semi-brick.

If anyone could give me a detailed tutorial or links to videos on each step that would be highly appreciated.


I owe you big time
Hi Karanzs,

What is the region of your Wii? Although, I'm not sure if you can semi brick a Wii just by playing a game. You must have installed a disk update. If you tell me what your Wii's region is, I can help you.

EDIT: Wait, do you have Homebrew?

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Hey, it's a Korean Wii which comes with English language.
Serial LKM101******
I managed to use anyregion changer to set the region to Korea and I could access settings but then the language changed to Korean
If you used anyregionchanger, what region was it originally?

Sorry, I've been gone for soooooo long. :)

It's okay I ended up full bricking it and buying a new one so no worries.
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