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Wii wont boot to the menu after BootMii

Posted by SalemFox 
Wii wont boot to the menu after BootMii
January 30, 2015 06:41AM
I believe my wii is fully bricked. But i'm not entirely sure if i installed BootMii to boot1 or boot2. It only goes to BootMii if i have the SD card in otherwise it goes straight to the press A screen

After a few years of wear and tear, my wii started acting weird lately. Suddenly very recently, the regular game launcher that comes with the system causes games to freeze after a short moment, some games just stop loading altogether, so i had to resort to using other launches primarily. After that my wii suddenly stopped booting after the BootMii menu comes up,which is weird because it was working just fine yesterday.

I backed up the nand thing on BootMii long ago, but i looked up restoring it and it sounds unreliable as hell. Should i go through with it? also will restoring it delete the saves for the games i played after backing it up.

Or should i just wait until it works again before i try anything? It's been a while since i was on the Wii scene,so i'm not entirely sure what i did back then, i think my wii is on 4.2u if that helps
Re: Wii wont boot to the menu after BootMii
May 24, 2015 01:58AM
Try doing SaveMiiFrii with a disk that has a 4.3 update on it (if that's even a thing). If that doesn't work, then restoring NAND backup is your best bet. You will lose all saves from after making the backup though. By the way, your BootMii is on boot2. It can't be on boot1, only boot2 or CIOS. You're very lucky to have a boot2 installation.
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