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Bricked settings

Posted by banjo2 
Re: Bricked settings
November 17, 2015 03:24PM
The proper way to clear the message history is to use the system format option. Generating a "clean" NAND image can cause more issues due to some permanent configuration settings not being copied correctly.
Re: Bricked settings
November 17, 2015 11:04PM
OK here's what I did:

I made an extra backup of my NAND on to my computer in case this tool corrupted my only good one.

I opened up Ohneschwanzenegger and select New Nand.

I clicked Existing Nand and selected my NAND

I set it to use keys and boot 1,2 from the original NAND.

I left the Bad Blocks setting alone, and set the uid.sys to Usa (my region;probably should have left it as original though)

Clicked OK, waited, then copied the NAND it made and put it on my SD.

I installed it on to my Wii, bootmii said the NAND was fine, bootmii installed, everything OK for install.

When it was done, I tried going to my System Menu, but it wouldn't even boot. Just showed the blue background of the TV as the Disc drive was turning on. So I tried launching Homebrew Channel from bootmii, but the same thing happened. I was also unable to launch apps.

Fortunately, I had my backup on my computer, got that installed and everything was working again, but of course not settings.

Should I try doing a "Content>Format"? Or does that empty the entire NAND?
Re: Bricked settings
January 07, 2016 09:55PM

I was able to format my NAND using that software(thank you for telling me about it!) and get 4.3U installed on it.
Just to be sure, I checked the formatted NAND with nandbincheck and everything was fine.

I installed it on to my Wii and voila! I was on the system setup menu.

Wii settings worked just as I hoped!

It has HBC and Bootmii on it, so I'm ready to get back to my gaming. But there's one small problem.

I had backed up all my savegame data and channels on to my homebrewing SD to move on to my fresh NAND. But when I try to install ANY channels, it doesn't and tells me that it "may not have been copied". Probably because my Wii Shop data was also formatted, which means it won't let me install/use those channels.

That might be fine for most of them, but I paid money for a few of them (some VC games, SSB, BomberMan Blast, etc).

So is there any way I can force install or force them to run on my Wii?

Thanks for your help! (It seems I am one of the few to ever fix this problem)
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