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Bricked settings

Posted by banjo2 
Re: Bricked settings
November 17, 2015 02:24PM
The proper way to clear the message history is to use the system format option. Generating a "clean" NAND image can cause more issues due to some permanent configuration settings not being copied correctly.
Re: Bricked settings
November 17, 2015 10:04PM
OK here's what I did:

I made an extra backup of my NAND on to my computer in case this tool corrupted my only good one.

I opened up Ohneschwanzenegger and select New Nand.

I clicked Existing Nand and selected my NAND

I set it to use keys and boot 1,2 from the original NAND.

I left the Bad Blocks setting alone, and set the uid.sys to Usa (my region;probably should have left it as original though)

Clicked OK, waited, then copied the NAND it made and put it on my SD.

I installed it on to my Wii, bootmii said the NAND was fine, bootmii installed, everything OK for install.

When it was done, I tried going to my System Menu, but it wouldn't even boot. Just showed the blue background of the TV as the Disc drive was turning on. So I tried launching Homebrew Channel from bootmii, but the same thing happened. I was also unable to launch apps.

Fortunately, I had my backup on my computer, got that installed and everything was working again, but of course not settings.

Should I try doing a "Content>Format"? Or does that empty the entire NAND?
Re: Bricked settings
January 07, 2016 08:55PM
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