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How to create an autoboot disk?

Posted by ibrahimshami8 
How to create an autoboot disk?
January 14, 2009 12:43PM
To my surprise the savemiifrii method actaully gives me a balck screen with the version number on the bottom right corner, my frimware is 3.1 USA i guess, i have my modchip installed and i put an original mario strikers charged in, for the first 3 minutes i could hear the WII humming and the frimware version was on the screen, but then the screen turned completely black but the humming noise is still there.

I have no clue whats happening, i have been waiting from like 15 minutes now, how long do i need to wait anyways?

If this doesnt work then what do i have to do next, im guessing i need to create an autoboot disk, but i have no idea how to do that, help somebody, please
Re: How to create an autoboot disk?
January 19, 2009 02:25AM
No it does not work, you will need an auto boot disc Here is how you do it.

If your Wii is bricked by something you installed through a Homebrew loader/launcher if you have Starfall, Twilight Hack you can simply put the boot.dol in the root of the SD card and launch TP through the recovery mode using Starfall.
Re: How to create an autoboot disk?
March 09, 2009 07:55PM
how use this program
Re: How to create an autoboot disk?
April 19, 2009 06:29AM
ibrahimshami8, how did you solve the problem, I too face it.

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