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Updating the Forum Rules

Posted by Arikado 
Re: Updating the Forum Rules
August 26, 2010 08:22PM
Guys it's not my intention to be a troublemaker. As you can see this discussion was not initiated by me, I just felt that there were some valid points made by some other users which do need to be considered given the new policies.

As a final comment, based on jbc007 statement, I still believe it is contradictory. Why? because I don't know if he keeps in mind that the Wii is a game console, and some users still do use it as such. In order to play recent games such as SMG2 which comes with WiiSystem update 4.2 embedded, you have two choices: Either to update the menu or to manually install the IOSes required by the game (and sometimes other things included with the update, as I mentioned in another post). Given this, it is impossible for a standard user to play the new games while keeping an old revision of an IOS.

By trying to 'hide' this from users, you are not doing any good to them, on the opposite you are only being able to provide incomplete help, which might cause them to try things they shouldn't in their attempt to do something which should be simple.

There is an old saying: 'Don't give them the fish, teach them fishing'. Nobody of us was born knowing about IOSes and stuff, we all were n00bs at this once, and had to start learning. Not all newbies are idiots, some of them are just starting the long road and want to learn in order to achieve great things in the scene.

My .02 for you to consider.

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Re: Updating the Forum Rules
August 26, 2010 08:39PM
Re: Updating the Forum Rules
August 27, 2010 12:47AM
What is "vanilla IOS"?

I think for me being a noob at this whole home brew thing and still a noob at it, I think this new rule is fine. Anytime I saw something new and it had to be patched to work and the risk of bricking, I always backed away from it. I didn't really like patching ios's to make a app work, to me it was complicated and hard for somebody new that didn't understand most of it. I think being too from my stand point its going to be easier to have a app to load from a IOS than a patched IOS and run the risk being done wrong and then haveing a brick. I myself like my wii, don't play a whole bunch but do like to play it and want to keep being able to play it, instead of haveing a big white paper weight. I think in the end over all this rule will work out, and some adjustments have to be made, but in the end its for the better IMO.
Re: Updating the Forum Rules
August 27, 2010 01:18AM
In this case, vanilla means unpatched.
Re: Updating the Forum Rules
August 27, 2010 01:37AM
Ah ok. Kinda what I was thinking it might have meant.
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