Getting Started; [We have all been here]
May 04, 2009 07:00AM
Hello everyone! Ok, so I just got a Nintendo Wii today, a 2gb SD Card, and I will have Zelda TP Tomorrow. I am planning on using the twilight exploit to load homebrew channel, yada yada I'm sure you have heard it all before =P

Ok, so a few things I want confirmation on...
1. I am on 3.4u firmware right now, and I DO NOT want it to update to 4.0 and ruin what I have. Once you install the homebrew channel, is it possible to block it from updating to 4.0? Or does it block it automatically.

2. I have a friend who has an un-hacked Wii and he has downloaded Legend of Zelda OOT. It runs 100% full speed, amazing game. Is there anyway I can get it? Even if I have to buy it, I think I would, but if I go into the WiiStore, or whatever its called, wont it force an update to 4.0? If I can get it for free somehow, even better =P Is there a way to get Nintendo classics, or n64 games for free?

3. Lastly, I dont want to clutter up my Wii menu [Im kind of OCD, sorry] Is there a way to add/delete channels, or at least re-organize them? [This may be possible without homebrew, but I'm not sure, I just got my console today]

Please answer like this:
[Answer to 1.] 1. blablabla
[answer to 2.] 2. blablabla
[answer to 3]3. yourlazygoogleit

Thanks for reading and putting up with the noobs [AKA Myself]! I hope I can contribute to the Wii Homebrew scene in the near future. Thanks!


EDIT: Oh one more thing!!
I want to install specific emulators onto my wii, not just load them from the Homebrew Channel. When you load homebrew from the channel, it installs onto your Wii "Dashboard" So each homebrew has its own channel right? Is that possible?

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Re: Getting Started; [We have all been here]
May 04, 2009 08:10AM
1. Stay on 3.4 to install the Homebrew Channel (or DVDx to play DVD movies) and then you can update to 4.0 after homebrew is on there. 4.0 doesn't affect [most] homebrew apps/games

2. Zelda OoT is available on the Wii Shop for 1000 points ($10.00 in the US). It's part of the Wii's 'Virtual Console'. There is a homebrew N64 emulator, but it's far from 100%.
You would have to update to 4.0 for the Shop, but there are ways to update only the Shop Channel and not the Wii System Menu.

3. You can manage channels with the Wii Menu. Re-arrange them by holding B and pressing A to grab them. Delete or move them to an SD Card with the Wii's Data Management (click the lower left icon on the Wii Menu)

4. Installing emulators/apps/games to the Wii Menu as channels is possible, but it's not very practical as it just takes up space on the Wii and still requires the SD card. The Homebrew Channel just boots them from the SD.

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Re: Getting Started; [We have all been here]
May 04, 2009 03:45PM
Also there are some channels that you can't get rid of unless you use AnyTitleDeleter which I believe doesnt work on 4.0 (someone can verify this since I dont use it) and delete the ones that cant be deleted like the Weather and News channels.
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