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Controller Pro U

Posted by Xargon987 
Controller Pro U
August 05, 2014 05:46AM
I wasn't sure exactly where to post this question, but since it has probably been asked 1 million times and I don't want to gravedig, I am going to ask it again, as it is probably a n00b question anyway.

The "classic controller" mode of the Wii / Wii U Pro Controller U does not work on the Homebrew Channel or its applications, but the Wii Remote mode works fine. A normal Classic Controller / Classic Controller Pro works great and fine, but this does not. Will there be support and when, or can I donate or something to add support? I love The Homebrew Channel, but I wish I didn't have to use the infernal Classic Controller connected to a Wii Remote or something of that sort.
Re: Controller Pro U
August 05, 2014 06:48AM
The wii u pro controller does not have a "classic controller"/"wii remote" mode, are you talking about some third-party controller?
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