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Banner Brick

Posted by bonofico 
Banner Brick
October 02, 2015 11:26PM

I had a 3.2U Wii and I made all the installations required to protect it,
1. Installed BootMii as boot2
2. Also installed Priiloader
3. My Wii is installed with D2PRO chip

Now probably I accepted by mistake an upgrade from some new game,
The Wii was bricked!
I receive the "system files are corrupted" message after the Health Screen.
The thing is that I can't access BootMii, maybe it was deleted because the CD drive does not flash when I turn on the Wii.
I can't access Priiloader, when I press and hold the Reset button when I turn on the Wii nothing happens, I get the same message again.

Even though I made all the precautions, I got bricked!!
I saw that I can use a GameCube controller maybe to fix it but I don't have one.

My question is, if I buy a GameCube Controller from eBay, it must be an original controller?
Or can I use any other cheap GC controller?
Is there another way to go out from this brick??

Thanks a lot
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