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How to anti-brick Wii?

Posted by HomieBrewChannel 
How to anti-brick Wii?
February 21, 2016 03:19AM
Hello. I am a new Homebrew user, and the only reason I pretty much got a Wii in 2016 was to play my favorite game of all time, Mario Kart Wii, and the only reason I got HBC was because I wanted to play on Wiimmfi and get CTGP-R. I formatted the Wii once I got it, and I don't regret getting one. A couple questions though. The last thing I would EVER want to happen to my Wii is for it to get bricked, since my parents would murder me, so what are some good anti-bricking stuff I can get, and can you explain how to install/use them the non-noob way? I don't think I installed BootMii with the HackMii installer, because the lousy tutorial didn't even mention it.
Re: How to anti-brick Wii?
February 21, 2016 08:43PM
If you can install BootMii as boot2 (the HackMii Installer will tell you if you cannot) then you should do that. It will be the first thing that loads on your Wii when you power on, even if you brick the system, and it can be used to restore your Wii to a working state.
If you are only using your Wii to play Mario Kart/CTGP-R then there's not really any chance of a brick. If you mess with WAD files and cIOSes then that's where the risk comes in and you really shouldn't be blindly following random guides on the internet without knowing what you're doing.
Re: How to anti-brick Wii?
March 01, 2016 01:49AM
Sorry for the late reply! >_<

So will I have to use an exploit again to get the HackMii Installer to run, or can I load it through the homebrew channel? And if I install BootMii as boot2, will the health and safety warning screen still appear?

Thank you!

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Re: How to anti-brick Wii?
March 11, 2016 07:06AM
You can run the HackMii Installer from the Homebrew Channel; Just put the boot.elf file in a folder in the "apps" folder (e.g. SD:/apps/HackMii/boot.elf )
Yes the safety warning will still come up but it loads after BootMii. When you power on your Wii it will load to the BootMii menu (as long as the files are present on the SD card) and from there you can boot the HBC, or the Wii menu. If no SD is inserted, or the "BootMii" folder is missing or renamed then the Wii will boot like normal.
Re: How to anti-brick Wii?
March 24, 2016 01:40AM
Thank you, I installed BootMii as boot2 and am loving it!
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