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Forum Rules

Posted by bushing 
Forum Rules
May 13, 2009 11:58AM
This is a moderated forum specifically for discussion of the BootMii Beta.

The current version is Beta 6, available at http://bootmii.org. Check back soon for more info.

Ground rules:
Please try to keep discussion professional and constructive. If you find something you are confident is a real bug, please report it at bugs.hackmii.com. If you're unsure, please mention it here. If an existing thread exists, please use it instead of creating your own thread.

We will be moderating posts and topics heavily to keep the signal-to-noise ratio high here.

Please don't ask basic questions like "how do I install this" (unless there's some specific piece of info missing from the included documentation) -- if you have to ask, you probably should wait for a more-polished release. If you get an error message when trying to install, please post it, as well as any relevant excerpts from the installer.log file created on your SD card.

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