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Issues I Have Ran Into

Posted by cheez_cs 
Issues I Have Ran Into
May 14, 2009 08:40AM
1. Tried installing with IOS on a 4.0U Wii and it said Install Successful... But when I started the Wii up no BootMii, just Health Screen. Tried with Boot2 install and worked perfect.

2. Takes 6+ seconds for BootMii screen to come up. Not sure if that is a bug or not, but I would enjoy 1 - 2 seconds.

3. Not an issue, but I am I really looking forward to WiiMote support!
Re: Issues I Have Ran Into
May 14, 2009 09:17AM
1. An IOS install will not boot into BootMii, it just makes MINI available as an IOS

2. Sounds like you're using an old/small/slow SD card. We've had some reports of this with old 512mb cards - please try a different card and see if it improves.

3. WiiMote support is months off at best. We have to write a USB driver from scratch for MINI first and then port a BlueTooth stack.
Re: Issues I Have Ran Into
May 14, 2009 01:27PM
Is it safe to change SD cards if i installed Bootmii on Boot2? Because i'm gonna buy a new SD today.
Re: Issues I Have Ran Into
May 14, 2009 04:24PM
Just copy over the bootmii folder from your old card and drop it on your new one.

Bootmii just boots to the system menu if the files in that folder aren't on the SD card when the wii is switched on.
Re: Issues I Have Ran Into
May 14, 2009 04:33PM
Regarding boot speed: I have a 2 year old 2GB Kingston SD Card! Should it take the aforementioned 6 seconds?
It seems like a rather slow boot. Is it really card related or something that might get improved on a later stage of development?
Re: Issues I Have Ran Into
May 14, 2009 04:48PM
Its been mentioned that older small sd cards can effect the boot speed. For now your only solution is a new sd card (not an SDHC though), perhaps they may get round this issue with sd cards at some stage.
Re: Issues I Have Ran Into
May 14, 2009 09:28PM
My SDHC card works just fine for Bootmii.

As far as speed issue, eco, I doubt that is something they can really fix. Older cards just have slower data access, simple as that.

If you are a homebrewer anyways, you should consider an SD update...everything will work faster.
Re: Issues I Have Ran Into
May 14, 2009 11:05PM
No, the speed issues are probably a bug with our code. They are somewhat related to the issues where it doesn't recognize all cards.
Re: Issues I Have Ran Into
May 15, 2009 12:32PM
@ Bushing

Thank You for your answer.

I've had a somewhat similar experience with HBC first releases when booting a DOL or ELF would be substantially slower than it is now (for example ScummVM) so I didn't think it was an SD card problem.

Anyway, BootMii is great already though it scared the pijamas out of me when my Wii booted to a blank screen for longer than 2 seconds! I hope there is a simple fix for this!

Good luck with all the development and thank you for all your work!
Re: Issues I Have Ran Into
May 28, 2009 03:24PM
So, after I installed the new version, the boot time is a lot shorter.

Just one question: Is it possible that newer SD cards are indeed faster?
I'll test this later, but I've tried booting with a microSDHC 8GB and if memory serves bootmii seemed to boot instantaneously!
With my "old" card it took some 15 seconds on v0.1, now it takes 2 to 3 seconds but I can't shake the feeling that my 8GB card was even faster!
Is it possible?

Thank you Twiizers for all your work.
Re: Issues I Have Ran Into
May 28, 2009 05:27PM
SD cards are given a grade of either 2, 4, or 6. The higher grade being the faster the card, also card memory and speed degrade over time and use so newer cards will generally be faster.
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