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replacement nand

Posted by self_slaughter 
replacement nand
May 27, 2009 02:26PM
hi, was just wondering if you had a newer console that didn't support installing bootmii to boot2, is it possible to replace the nand with a new one out of whatever device, and then program it and install as boot2? or maybe even earlier? (don't know if that would have any real benefits apart from maybe a permanent stop from nintendo updates attacking it as it would think it unwritable) or even just an nand out of an old dead wii with the old boot1... i know its a bloody hard way of going about things and kind of defeats the purpose but could be fun :) although i've just ordered another wii off ebay that should be able to install as boot2 anyway so this is just out of inquisitiveness
Re: replacement nand
May 27, 2009 05:16PM
Aint the hash of boot1 stored in ROM separate of the NAND chip? Thus you would have to reflash the new NAND with a non bugged boot1 or it won't boot.
Re: replacement nand
May 27, 2009 06:20PM
Team Twiizers have the ability to write any NAND block without external programmer. The problem is boot1 cannot be changed due to the fact that its hash is stored in OTP. With new boot1, you can not have fakesigned bootmii not matter it is programmed on or off console.
Re: replacement nand
May 29, 2009 05:22PM
So is it right to say: for an owner of a newer wii to recover from the same bricks that bootmii/boot2 could recover from, the options are:

1) Change the hash for boot 1. Since this hash is stored in the OTP, this means changing chips with one that has the hash for the old boot 1. And then somewhere along the line you need to have put the old boot 1 (which you magically came into possession of) into the NAND chip. All of this must be done before the brick. Chances are in favor of you screwing something up in this process. From here you will then be able to get NAND recovery via bootmii/boot2 after a brick.

2) Hope some flaw is discovered in the new boot1, allowing you to install bootmii/boot2 before the brick, allowing you NAND recovery after. This may never happen, since no such flaw may exist.

3) Use bootmii/ios to make a NAND backup before the brick. Anyone can do this right now. Inject the NAND backup with an external programmer after a brick. This would give the same result as if you had bootmii/boot2, except with the added bonus of buying hardware, undeniably voiding warranty, and potential soldering.

Is that right?
Re: replacement nand
June 01, 2009 01:31PM
More or less. 1 and 2 are not viable options, so you're left with 3.
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