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Beta 2 Worked For Me!!!

Posted by Juggz 
Beta 2 Worked For Me!!!
May 28, 2009 03:39AM
Thanks much Team Twiizers!!! Installed like a charm!


LU63 w/ new boot1v3 & boot2v4, installed HBC, DVDx, & BootMii as an IOS. Ran some homebrew through HBC & everything went great! Will be making a NAND backup here shortly, yay! Well thanks again & YOU ROCK!!! ( :
Re: Beta 2 Worked For Me!!!
May 29, 2009 05:46AM

Thanks much Team Twiizers!!!


I'm using a LU-64 Wii, purchased Feb/09, with System Menu 4.0U and it worked perfectly!
Now i have HBC and DVDx.

I preferred to don't install BootMii 'cause it must be installed as a IOS (unfortunately my wii's boot2 is fixed).
However, now, thanks to Team Twiizers, anyone can run homebrews.

Re: Beta 2 Worked For Me!!!
May 29, 2009 01:27PM
Worked for me too, but strangely I got a code dump error while installing on boot2 and it just froze after that, but upon hard rebooting the wii it came up with bootmii. I tried the nand backup and hbc and both worked. I don't know what happened. I can send the install log if someone is interested.

Thanks everone who put work into this.

Late 2007 US Wii, System Menu 4.0, HBC installed with Twilight Hack when on 3.2, nothing else touched
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