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Broken Homebrew Channel with Beta2?

Posted by Aether 
Broken Homebrew Channel with Beta2?
May 30, 2009 02:32AM
Hello, I just recently installed BootMii Beta2 as an IOS (never had beta1). I also chose to install the HBC 1.0.3. However, whenever I try to load the homebrew channel, whether it be from the system menu, from preloader, or anything else, My Wii blackscreens and freezes up.

Wii specs:
3.2U firmware
Preloader installed
Bootmii as an IOS "Boot1 won't allow me to install as boot2"
Previously had an older version of HBC installed (1.0.1?)

Any way to fix this? I can still run homebrew if needed through preloader. Thanks for any help!
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