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Question about NAND backup/restore...

Posted by pimpsahoy 
Re: Question about NAND backup/restore...
November 16, 2009 11:14PM
If your Wii is bricked it does not necessarily mean that the filesystem is unreadable (maybe you just deleted your system menu IOS). So you should be able to do another NAND dump with BootMii and use a NAND Extractor to extract the tickets of the titles you purchased after your last NAND backup.

The only problem here is: How do you get those tickets back on the Wii once you restored a working NAND backup? I have not yet found a tool that can copy new files to NAND (real or backup). Anyone else?

The reason why I am asking is this: I purchased a WiiWare title some months ago. Due to the inevitable storage space problems I had to move it to my SD card at some time. Later on, I played around with AnyTitle Deleter... and deleted the ticket that belonged to the WiiWare title. Now I cannot copy the WiiWare game back to the Wii because the system menu keeps saying something like "the file may not have been copied". Downloading again from the shop channel does not work either. The good thing is: I have a BootMii backup of my NAND including the missing ticket. I already extracted it using the above mentioned NAND Extractor but so far I have not found a way to copy it back to the Wii.
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