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BootMii beta 3: Cannot access system menu after NAND restore using corrected dump file

Posted by sepecat 
Brief steps prior to the issue manifesting:

1. Updated to 4.2U, installed HackMii 0.5 and BootMii beta to boot2
2. Dumped NAND and saved to laptop HDD
3. Ran StartPatch 4.2 and found backups now print blue screen error 002 instead of read errors- ouch!
4. Attempt NAND restore- get 'belongs to different Wii' error
5. Followed guide to correct dump file- insert ASCII 20 byte in BackupMii string 'ConsoleID' -> 'Console ID', then append entire keys.bin file to end of nand.bin
6. Restore NAND
7. BootMii and HBC launched from BootMii still work, but system menu load prints error 'System files corrupted'.

Repeated restores give the same results. Nasty. I just used 'cat' to append the keys.bin data- it added the key file at offset 0x21000000 with no alteration that I can see. Any ideas?
...Reinstall the system menu?
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