using 2 different SD cards
October 24, 2009 10:04PM
ok so i have a 8gb sdhc card which does not work with bootmii, but i use for all other wii related stuff and is in my wii 99% of time, and i also have a regular 1gb sd card which is compatible with bootmii and which i have nand backed up on, now my question is, whats the recommended way to get bootmii/boot2 to not run when turning on the wii when the sdhc card is inserted and only the 1gb sd is? would i be safe to just erase the bootmii folder on the sdhc card, or is the some better prefered way, and if not, what are all the files that should be erased from sdhc?
Re: using 2 different SD cards
October 25, 2009 02:42PM
Well, AUTOBOOT=SYSMENU with BOOTDELAY=0 is a good start. Read the README ...

II. Configuration file

BootMii will look for a configuration file at /bootmii/bootmii.ini.
It expects to see a file in the following form:

BOOTDELAY=5 (or any other number)

More options may be added in the future.
You can also just remove the bootmii folder.
Re: using 2 different SD cards
October 26, 2009 04:42AM
well ive already tried the autoboot thing since i read that in the readme file, but its not doing the trick...any other ideas einstein?
Re: using 2 different SD cards
October 27, 2009 10:31PM
erase the bootmii folder
Re: using 2 different SD cards
October 29, 2009 12:52AM
I just change the name of the bootmii folder. If I need bootmii, I change the name of the folder back to bootmii.

That's the easiest way I can think of.
Re: using 2 different SD cards
November 02, 2009 08:32PM
Put this on your SD card with the bootmii files, and run it and change the settings.

It'll just modify the ini file, but it will do it correctly so that it works.
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