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Feature Request: HBC Title In Config File

Posted by LordAshes 
Feature Request: HBC Title In Config File
November 30, 2009 11:09AM
One of the boot options is for BootMii to load the Homebrew Channel (HBC).

As far as I can tell this just boots the Channel with the title JODI (the title used by Homebrew Channel). I have not tested to see if it also checks for the title HAXX (which was the previous title of the Homebrew Channel).

With the CustomizeMii program, users can easily turn most DOL applications into a channel.

If BootMii was modified to read the HBC title from its configuration file, instead of assuming JODI/HAXX, then the user could easily use the BootMii HBC option to boot other applications (e.g. Homebrew Launcher instead of Homebrew Channel).

This would make the HBC option much more flexible.

(Currently the only work-around that I know of is to remove the Homebrew Channel and use CustomizeMii to create a channel, with the desired applictaion, that is called JODI...thus fooling BootMii into loading the desired application instead of the Homebrew Channel).
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