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Bootmii for 3.4, Need help with backup

Posted by tea7 
Bootmii for 3.4, Need help with backup
December 04, 2009 06:55AM
Let me preface this by stating that I am a complete Newbie with all of this, so please pardon any ignorant questions or assumptions. But I am quite confused about something. Let me start at the beginning. I have just gotten my kids a wii. It is a system 3.4E. I have the homebrew channel and browser successfully installed and before I do anything else would really really like to create a nand backup, since I am a newbie and quite possibly will make a mistake. But this is where my confusion begins....I used the Bannerbomb exploit to do the first two items, but it stated that I could only install Bootmii as an IOS. Okay, if I understand correctly, this pretty much is useless for backing up. So, what is my next best choice for backing up? I have heard about Preloader, but read that it won't work on a 3.4. So, does this force me to update? And if I am forced to update to say 4.0 or 4.1, can I just then install Bootmii as Boot2? Or am I completely confused on the matter? I have read that Bootmii is more preferred than Preloader. Also, if you were me, what would you update to? 4.0 or 4.1? And I'm not sure of the safest way to do that. I am sorry if I have asked questions that should be obvious, but I am just completely unsure. I would greatly appreciate any insight you could give me. Thank you so much.

I forgot to mention another item I read about....My system's serial number begins with LEF....... and I have read that even if I were to get Preloader somehow working (which I heard I shouldn't try because it will cause untold errors), I don't have a gamecube controller, and the buttons don't respond on most systems with the same serial numbers.

Thank you again!
Re: Bootmii for 3.4, Need help with backup
December 05, 2009 04:18AM
Bootmii is much better than preloader.

Bootmii-is a boot2 replacement that makes it almost impossible to brick. Boot2 is finished doing it's thing by the time you see anything on your screen. Updating to 4.0/4.1 will not let you install boot2. The only way to install bootmii on boot2 is to have the trucha bug in boot1. Boot1 can't be changed. So, unless a new bug is found, you can't have bootmii as boot2. The startup system as follows: Boot 0, boot 1, boot 2, system menu. The system menu is the first thing you see.

Preloader- This is a program that goes between boot2 and the system menu. It provides some brick protection but not much. If your entire system menu is corrupt, this will allow you to boot into the homebrew channel to fix it. You can also go into bootmii IOS from the HBC. I am not sure how to get it on a 3.4 wii though.
Re: Bootmii for 3.4, Need help with backup
December 05, 2009 09:46PM
The buttons currently work on all known Wiis.
Re: Bootmii for 3.4, Need help with backup
December 08, 2009 10:56AM
Thank you both for answering me so quickly. I appreciate all of your help. I think for now I will try and do as little as possible so as not to brick it (hopefully).
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