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Installed boot2/SD DOES WORK/will not start tho.

Posted by sadoway 
Installed boot2/SD DOES WORK/will not start tho.
December 11, 2009 03:49AM
it installed in Boot2, Lights flash on disc drive, the files are on the SD.
at first i thought it was the SD card. and i would need a new one. but the funny thing is....

i just soft modded my friends 4.2u wii, figured i would give bootmii a shot at installing and he could just get a new sd card on his own. but... after the proccess, i restarted. and WHAM! bootmii started up on his wii.. with my SD card, that i thought didnt work. but it does. both of my SD cards work. i tested them. scandisk and kodak

so i went home and tried to reinstal bootmii. and it STILL wont work.
i checked the files. they are there. tried ISO also. that doesnt load either.
im sooo bashing my head right now. because all i can find is "its the SD card" but mine both worked in another Wii. why wont it work for me?????

im using 3.2u. any help???

i have looked ALL OVER. but i cant find anyone with a solution. please please help. i hate know its there, and not being able to use it.

(on a side note, unrelated. i did get preloader installed, so at least i have that security)


bootmii was not creating the config file properly.

i must have had a file that didnt match properly. (not sure why it worked in my friends wii) i noticed it wasnt writing it, said skipped. so i deleted it. and let the Hackmii/bootmii installer write a new one. all is well now. onto getting the autoboot timer working now. :)

thanks for reading anyways. hope this helps someone.

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Re: Installed boot2/SD DOES WORK/will not start tho.
December 11, 2009 03:58AM
Do you have a newer/older version of bootmii on your wii than your friends wii?
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