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Question about keys.bin structure

Posted by bide666 
Question about keys.bin structure
January 14, 2010 10:42AM
SOLVED: http://forum.wiibrew.org/read.php?22,34170,34174#msg-34174

Bootmii appends a 1024 byte footer in the nand.bin or in version 0.3 in a separate keys.bin file.

This footer or file contains all the keys and info for your console, the same infos of xyzzy output.

By the way the structure of this key is not very readable :)

Once you have this 1024 bytes, with an hex editor you can extract the keys, starting at position 100h you can look at this struct (the first one):


- 100h => boot1 hash (20 bytes)
- 114h => common key (16 bytes)
- 124h => ng_id (4 bytes)
- 128h => ng_priv (30 bytes) I think this is what you need.
- 144h => nand hmac (20 bytes)
- 158h => nand_key (16 bytes)
- 168h => rng_key (16 bytes)

I'm sure the nand key and hmac is on this position, for the rest I took the things from the struct.
Seem also the last 2 bytes of ng_priv are the first of hmac.

What is the ulitily of PRNG ??

Mods: Please close this thread.

I have a bricked wii and I am going to attempt the betwiin/nand merge method to revive it. I have a BootMii generated NAND dump from a donor wii, but I only have the keys.bin file to accompany it. After reading the betwiin readme, I looked at the input/nand-hmac and input/nand-key files, which seem to be the respective key bytes in hex/binary file format. I need to get the hmac and nand-aes keys from the keys.bin file and copy them into nand-hmac and nand-key files to work with betwiin. Can someone please outline the structure of the keys.bin file? I know it is hex/bin file containing all of the key bytes in hex, with a text header "BackupMii v1" followed by the console id. I just need to know the offsets for each key, or at least the aes and hmac keys. Any help would be appreciated!

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