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Boot2 Restoration Help

Posted by ar0n 
Boot2 Restoration Help
August 13, 2010 09:47PM
No my Wii is not bricked, but in case anything should happen how am I able to use BootMii to restore my Wii? I've just recently installed Homebrew Channel as well as BootMii as Boot2 but am still somewhat clueless as how it all works. So what I'm asking is when I'm at the bootmii menu after pressing the power button how would I restore a corrupt wii menu or other problem. Is it like a computer setting up a restore point or more like replacing files using a file browser?

Thanks ahead of time.

Oh yeah, and what is the fourth far right button on the menu? I couldn't find any descriptions of what the buttons do.

Edit: Once again it seems like I finally find the answer to something right after I make a post. I finally got access to a PC and found a tutorial on youtube (was using psp's internet browser before). Sorry for the botched up post. Funny that it turns out that the fourth button that i didn't know what it did was the thing I was trying to do all along. Again, thanks.

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